April 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers


I have been coughing for about five months. During that time I was at the Health Clinic each month- sometimes two times a month- to get some relief in the form of antibiotics, a kind word, nasal spray or whatever. I had a health provider who left the clinic and went to see the new Doctor. Within fifteen minutes I was in the X-ray room to find out if I had pneumonia. A few minutes after that, I had new prescriptions, cough medicine, and a feeling that I was going to get the help I needed. (The coughing had me worn out and not sleeping and I had been worried that I could not shake the virus or cold that came with it or the nose infections that seemed to re-occur.

I went to work after the appointment and within an hour or so; I was called to come back in to see the doc late in the day.  MY MIND WENT NUTS!

I had experienced cancer early in life and basically, waiting for the other shoe to drop for lots of years; I was ready to hear anything. Apparently there was a suspicious spot on the right lung and he was scheduling a CT scan to get a correct reading on what the spot meant. They would get me in as soon as possible.

I got the call the next day to go into Bend on Friday afternoon.

In the meantime, I was writing out my bucket list. Thirteen pages so far and still adding to it!

I got online to sign up for insurance and was rejected because of diabetes and former bout with cancer that is way past the ten year expiration and reinstatement policy for getting insurance.

I did talk to a couple of close friends and basically I tried hard not to get too overwhelmed with the ideation of death. I decided that I would not think about it until I found out on Monday so I could have a nice St. Pat’s Day. I did ask for a few prayers.

I got there on Friday and they gave me an I V and got filmed, drove home and had a real Coca Cola. By the time a friend at the Clinic called me Friday night, I was sleepy and not really expecting to hear anything, so not nervous. I was startled by the ring, though.

For me, it was great news. Not cancer. I would have to follow up with a blood test and they told me just get well!

Life started all over again- other than I had pneumonia and had to rest up, I could set aside my bucket list and live a little. Or could I?

The thing is we all are facing these little slaps in the face. Maybe they are more like wallops! It is time for us to handle business so we do not waste time when time becomes the only commodity we care about!

Blessings to all of you!

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