The Seniority Report for OCT 2015

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

It has been a while since we went over our history for all of you, so we thought it would be a good idea to line up our history as we enter a new year together

In 1968, the Senior Center was located on the corner of Burgess Road and Huntington. For the many years that we were located at that site, we planned, as a center, to make the perfect place for all of us to be and we started fundraising through large and small events that includes rock-a-thons, dinners, parties and dancing and every other thing we could think of to make it a benefit to supporters so we could put together the money we would need to get a new property.

After 38 years, we had done it! With the help of the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners and other state and national supporters, we were able to move into our present facility in 2006! It was a dream that all of the people of La Pine- especially the seniors who love our town, made come true.

We have one of the finest Senior Activity Centers in the state. The room we have for events, classes, and meetings is like no other and because of it, we can host other organizations and parties at our facility to make a few dollars with rentals and still have the space and time for our own wonderful parties, events and craft shows. Our commercial kitchen is one of the only kitchens in the area that is available for serving the best of on-site meals.

Our services to seniors and older adults is not to be compared to anything else in South County! There is a meal service, many activities to help seniors find the services they need help with and lots of activities that are designed to provide fun right here at home!

The purpose of the La Pine Senior Activity Center is to develop and maintain an active senior citizen program in the greater La Pine, including Southern Deschutes and Northern Klamath counties. It is our hope that we are able to encourage older adults to continue to develop their potential, skills, education and involvement in the community.

One of the things we would like you to know is that we are trying to help promote independent living in the senior population. We also are here to promote senior visibility in all things La Pine! (We have a large population of seniors in the area and we want to add to the quality of life for each and every senior resident in the area.

The Senior Center is located on Huntington Rd on Victory Way, next to the La Pine Bi-Mart. You can call about events and activities, join as a member for a nominal annual membership fee that entitles you to all of the activities with a ‘free to reduced price’ amount for participation.

Have a question? Give us a call 541-536-6237. Stop by for a visit soon!


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The New Senior Upper GI for Seniors

The New Senior March 2015

By T. Myers

Medical concerns are commonplace with seniors. I am no different than anyone else. During the past few months, I have had to go in for several tests that are baselines for my senior years.

I had a colonoscopy three years ago and am scheduled for a new one in midmonth. This time I went in for an Upper GI. What do they do that for? The medical professionals look through your upper digestive system Esophagus, stomach etc., to see if you have ulcers or a bleed site and further into the small intestine to look for open sores or for inflammation of the walls. It is all to try to find out what is causing other problems with your health.

Since I never had an Upper GI, I decided I would write about my experience so you could prepare for what to do.

First, there are certain medications that you need to stop taking several days before the procedure. They do not want you loaded with NSAIDS like Ibuprofen or other blood thinners. You will have top fast the night before and not even drink water. A pre-surgery nurse will call and go through a list of questions with you and confirm your check in time. There are several places where these procedures are done in Central Oregon. Mine was at the hospital, so I checked in an hour before my appointment.

Usually there are no delays. You go to the admissions area and go through the same battery of questions you had gone over on the phone and then you go to the area where the surgery will take place. After the nurse gets you situate, the Doctor will come to introduce herself/himself because most of the time these procedures are referrals. If you have an anesthesiologist, that doctor will come in to answer questions. There will be paperwork to sign and waiting for your time in the procedure room. They will wheel you into the procedure room and you will be surrounded by medical assistants and the doctor who is ready to take a look at your gut.

Each machine is designed to be a specific part of the procedure and by the time you are in recovery, you will be presented with full color pictures that show you what they saw! With me, they were looking for a bleed because I am losing iron and finding nothing of note other than a little inflammation in the small intestine, they scheduled a new colonoscopy.

These medical tests should be done when there is a real reason for doing them. They are costly and at best, cause you to miss work or take away a day from you.

What they reveal can be instrumental in making a more pinpointed diagnosis when you have a medical problem and can lead to treatments that can help you feel much better in the long run. Your job is to ask questions about why the test is needed and what it means when they give you the results. Hopefully, you will have good results and they can rule out obvious things by doing these tests. Attached find pictures of the process!Upper GI Story Check in at admissions001 Upper GI Story 008 Upper GI Story 009 Upper GI Story 010 Staff gets the room ready for me Dr Hatara introduced herself Dr and teri got their selfie...

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The Seniority Report

The Seniority Report is on a break. Check later for more information when I decide where this little column will go!

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Seniority Report JANUARY 2011

The Seniority Report January 2011


By: T Myers


During these terribly cold months you have lots of obstacles to overcome in order to get to where you want to go- or do what you have to do. There is snow to shovel. Icy walkways and roads to negotiate and the fact that we get so cold that we don’t even want to venture out!


You say, “That’s winter in La Pine, folks.” Well I say that is a winter wonderland. As we go to press today, I am looking outside of my window at the sunshine hitting a ridge of pines and a meadow covered with a fresh blanket of snow. It has been foggy today and everything is sparkling in the 20-degree temperature. There are ice crystals floating in the air catching the sunlight as they drift across space.  It is a wonderland of sights for the snow lovers amongst us. I find these days of extraordinary beauty to be all of the reason a person needs to live in La Pine in the winter!


So after a month off, let me introduce you to my new column.  It will be written just for seniors, with the idea that I can cover things that seniors in our community are dealing with, a few recipes thrown in and a chance to address some of my more philosophical inclinations about a life that changes with a few more years tacked onto a life approaching the Age of Wisdom.


Each month I will tackle something new and hope that I will get your feedback on my ideas. In the meantime, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next month when I will discuss LOVE for seniors. Take care out there!

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May 2013

Changes at the Senior Center and with the newsletter are coming–But for now- That’s a wrap!

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April 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers


I have been coughing for about five months. During that time I was at the Health Clinic each month- sometimes two times a month- to get some relief in the form of antibiotics, a kind word, nasal spray or whatever. I had a health provider who left the clinic and went to see the new Doctor. Within fifteen minutes I was in the X-ray room to find out if I had pneumonia. A few minutes after that, I had new prescriptions, cough medicine, and a feeling that I was going to get the help I needed. (The coughing had me worn out and not sleeping and I had been worried that I could not shake the virus or cold that came with it or the nose infections that seemed to re-occur.

I went to work after the appointment and within an hour or so; I was called to come back in to see the doc late in the day.  MY MIND WENT NUTS!

I had experienced cancer early in life and basically, waiting for the other shoe to drop for lots of years; I was ready to hear anything. Apparently there was a suspicious spot on the right lung and he was scheduling a CT scan to get a correct reading on what the spot meant. They would get me in as soon as possible.

I got the call the next day to go into Bend on Friday afternoon.

In the meantime, I was writing out my bucket list. Thirteen pages so far and still adding to it!

I got online to sign up for insurance and was rejected because of diabetes and former bout with cancer that is way past the ten year expiration and reinstatement policy for getting insurance.

I did talk to a couple of close friends and basically I tried hard not to get too overwhelmed with the ideation of death. I decided that I would not think about it until I found out on Monday so I could have a nice St. Pat’s Day. I did ask for a few prayers.

I got there on Friday and they gave me an I V and got filmed, drove home and had a real Coca Cola. By the time a friend at the Clinic called me Friday night, I was sleepy and not really expecting to hear anything, so not nervous. I was startled by the ring, though.

For me, it was great news. Not cancer. I would have to follow up with a blood test and they told me just get well!

Life started all over again- other than I had pneumonia and had to rest up, I could set aside my bucket list and live a little. Or could I?

The thing is we all are facing these little slaps in the face. Maybe they are more like wallops! It is time for us to handle business so we do not waste time when time becomes the only commodity we care about!

Blessings to all of you!

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March 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

For those of you who have the internet, did you know that you can go online to and get daily updates about issues relating to seniors? I looked and found so many things about what we should know that I did not know what to focus on! Here are a few of the issues they addressed:

  • All Seniors should have received a copy of their 2-12 Social Security statement by Mid-February
  • Walking slowly associated with poor health but could be due to fat thighs
  • Wal-Mart’s Health Screening stations are part of the ‘Self-Service revolution’
  • Seniors should see lower costs in Medicare drug, advantage plans in 2014
  • Study of seniors finds less response to shingles vaccine when treated for depression
  • Keeping your body cool may lengthen your lifespan
  • Obama has called for two reforms in Medicare drug programs
  • There is a crisis looming in the Coffee industry with the ‘Coffee Rust’ fungus hitting plantations in Central America and Mexico causing the prices of coffee to bump way up
  • Happiness increases with Age for all generations: linked to important life outcomes-career success, relationship success and good health
  • Senior citizens least likely to support women in combat
  • Social Security will open an online service called my Social Security that lets people get info spontaneously

This website also addresses issues like senior scams, security for older Americans and many other topics.

So if you get the AARP magazine, you have the usual source for issues that seniors face, but the websites seem endless for senior information and if you can look at them, you are bound to find some answers for your own questions. You can also go onto Bing and type in a full sentence question and they will deliver answers for most topics.

One of the hardest things for all of us of a certain age is staying up to date with what we need to know, so if this can help us to learn- it is an opportunity.

Let’s talk about our pal Pat Fenn. She and husband Steve are making plans to move their residence to bend in the next few months and that means that we are trying to find people who will be able to take on the big job of handling our monthly newsletter. Pat will train the next layout person, but Karen Ward, office manager, and the rest of the people who work on the monthly edition will really miss Pat and her ability to create the colorful and newsy sheet we have come to expect. If you have submissions for the paper they need to be turned in to Karen.

You will notice that there will also be a period of adjustment while we revamp the look and size of the future issues during the next couple of months. Thanks and we will see you next month. Thanks again to Pat Fenn for all she does for the center!

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February 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

February crawls up to the starting line and we realize that the holidays are in the past and that the year has begun in earnest to move forward across time and we must brace ourselves to get on the band wagon!

I actually love it when the short month is over and things start to get normal. I was realizing that The Spaghetti Feed is on the 9th and that is party Central for almost everyone in town. Valentine’s Day is a Thursday and only five days after that, then its President’s Day weekend on the 16-18th, the month comes to a screeching halt and suddenly, it is springtime!

St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th on a Sunday and the School Kids get out of school for a week long break….and so on!

In the past month, we have seen President Obama inaugurated for the second term, our Legislature in Oregon has started up in Salem (local leader, Representative Mike McLane, is now head of the Republican Party in the House), Newberry Habitat for Humanity just hired their Executive Director, Dwayne Krumme, and they have built and opened a house to another family over on Terry Court and they will soon be part of our community.

The Senior Center had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and everyone is looking forward to more of these great parties. Local establishments are doing their best to become inviting to locals and tourists. Watch the specials they are coming up with for Valentine’s Day celebrations!

The Chamber is working on the latest Visitor’s Guide for the area. Being the Heart of Newberry Country, we are poised to attract lots of people to our area and the Senior Center stands to benefit from our new visitors. There are still a few tickets left for the Annual Crab feed. You can buy them at various places in town. The Crab Feed funds go towards sponsoring the Frontier Days Festivities every summer.

It will be next month in March and the newest low cost senior housing will be available. Little Deschutes Lodge II will open its doors to new occupants and they are lined up and waiting! What a thrill to add to this great complex that is dedicated to the safety and well-being of seniors in La Pine!

Just a few more comments about how to get involved in the action: go online to the Chamber of Commerce and check out the calendar for area events. Look at your own Senior Center Calendar for our special activities. Call Karen Ward at the office or Andi Ferguson here at the center 541-536-6237 to get involved or get information that will let you plan your days. Meals are still on Tues-Thurs at noon, potlucks are on Friday and there are a variety of activities that you are invited to participate in every month. Have a great February!

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January 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

2013! Happy New Year!

I received a copy of the AARP Bulletin newsletter and was amazed at what a banner year 2013 is in terms of anniversaries for some really big life-changing events for all of us. I thought that it would be good to share some highlights with all of you.

January marks the 50th anniversary of the first African American admitted to Clemson University.  Harvey Gantt graduated with honors and he got a masters from MIT in 1983 and elected mayor of Charlotte NO CA. Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique in Feb of 1963. March saw the Beatles begin their climb to fame when they released Please, Please Me.

Martin Luther King was arrested in April of ‘63 and wrote the famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail to white clergy to get their support. The next month it was all about Dr. No as James Bond hit the big screen and captured American hearts with lead actor Sean Connery!

June saw the Equal Pay Act pass through Congress, Gov. George Wallace tried to stop African Americans from enrolling at U of Alabama and President Kennedy responded with his landmark Civil Rights address that asked congress to grant rights to all Americans. In August the soviets and America signed a nuclear test ban treaty and started a decade of negotiations to come. That same month James Meredith’s university enrollment sparked riots in Mississippi and Martin Luther responded with his “I have a dream” speech on August 28th in front of a quarter million people at the Washington Monument.

The KKK bombed the Baptist Church in September on the 15th and it was rebuilt and became the center for all of the meetings about Civil Rights from then on. On October 1st Lilies of the Field hit the theaters and Americans saw that a black working man was the same as every other working American man. Sydney Poitier won the Academy Award for his portrayal.

The year 1963 ended after the assassination of John Kennedy on November the 22nd. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force one and Camelot ended and the beginning of the Johnson Presidency was established quietly and quickly so that America could heal from the wounds of losing their young leader.

Where were you that day? It hardly seems like fifty years gone, but here we are- staring down the barrel of the anniversary year that changed America forever. We lost our innocence and the media started to take on power of the press as the wave of the future.

Something to think about!

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December 2012

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

What is happening in Senior Land? Members can find out by looking at the calendar that comes inside the newsletter. Every month the Senior Center works hard to create interesting and timely things to do. This month there is a craft bazaar and on December 31st, there will be the Senior Center New Year’s Eve Party.

You can come in for a good meal during the week or meet with people to do crafts, quilting classes, cards, painting classes or you can even play Bingo. The Senior Center Board considers many requests for activities and they try to provide the atmosphere and space needed to carry out requests. So the question is what don’t we do that we should do for you?

There has been a change in the leadership of the office. Karen Ward has assumed the role of Office Manager. Andi Ferguson will handle events and the kitchen. Don Greiner is still working on the Bingo nights and volunteer Board and regulars work to handle the day to day issues as they come up.

Since the Center is designed to support activities for those of us in the AARP years of life, you may want to take a few moments to communicate to the office, what the Senior Center can do for you. What kinds of things do we need to offer to you to keep you interested in being in the center and doing activities with us? Are there speakers, classes, educational any things that we are missing out on? Are there Senior Centers where you saw some successful activities that we have not tried to do here?

One of the hardest things about getting older is that we have a hard time NOT settling into the same old same old.

Recently I was talking to a wonderful couple who tried to start up some dancing evenings here and they were disappointed that no one came. Is this what really happened? Do you have too many options for activities in the city calendar, so that you cannot come to the activities at the Center? We find that many things are scheduled on the same nights or days here in La Pine with no thought given to how we should spread out the scheduling of events. I am thinking of the craft bazaar at the LPEC on the same day as the Lion’s Children’s Gift shop and the Senior Center Christmas Crafts fair and the Ya Ya Holiday Boutique.

It would be very helpful if you could tell us what you want for a priority in the coming year. Do you want your activities to be centered here at the Center? How do you want to plan to attend Senior Center Events? Is the monthly calendar working for you? Are we missing the boat by not holding the activities that make you happy to belong to the center?

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