Heroes by any Name… July 2011

Heroes by any Name

By: T. Myers

Having gone through the 4th of July weekend and our local celebrations, the parade, the fireworks, the rodeo, the midway at Frontier Days, with its annual focus on our wonderful veterans and soldiers who are fighting so bravely for us all, I had a thought about other heroes cross my mind.

I walked the Frontier Days vendors’ area and I was as much impressed by who was represented locally as I was by who was there to visit them all. It came to me that the real heroes in the region are probably not former service members or even first responders like the great La Pine Rural Fire District men and women and our own Deschutes County Sheriff Deputies that serve our area. The real heroes are the people that have taken a chance on all of us and opened small businesses, or better than that, kept their small businesses open despite the economy, the tough decisions about saving money, keeping track of  employees and offering high quality services and products to all of us!

These past three years have been very hard on La Pine and the surrounding communities. The sheer impact of loss of jobs and wages, as well as, housing issues, has been devastating to families and individuals who live here. Then, we look around, and what do we see? We see some of the business veterans (long time owners) making progress, staying the course and offering the economy what they can. In other realms, we are seeing new service oriented businesses open, retail gift shops, medical supplies, a health food store and other health related businesses, a bigger, better Community Clinic, end of life care, senior oriented businesses and non-profits that are working together with schools and businesses to provide for the needs of a growing community.

If you add how much has to be done here, the people who are in need and the organizations who are there to help them, we have some pretty extraordinary heroes in our midst: St Vincent de Paul, The Community Kitchen, Can Cancer, Citizen’s Action Group, American Legion, Moose Lodge, VFW, The La Pine Ya Yas,  Relay for Life, La Pine Lions, SCOOTR, La Pine Christmas Baskets, various churches, La Pine Park and Recreation,  FAN, FACT, La Pine Senior Center,  LCAT, and the schools, library and Chamber of Commerce. All of these local groups are out there every day helping people in our community. That is what I call real HEROES!

Maybe it is time to reverse the customer service that we expect when we go into a store or business. When you visit a small business, thank them for being here to serve you. Tell them how you appreciate that they are right here locally to take care of what you need. Support the organizations that need your time and your dollars so if something happens to you, they will be ready to help you when you need it.

Heroes are found in all kinds of places and can be your friend, your neighbor or the little store on the corner!

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A journal of Foodie Columns is coming to the site now.

I will be posting the old Foodie Columns as I go along. They are bloggy and full of thoughts about the months and seasons and even the years past….. and I hope you will enjoy them.

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Dutch Kids in the Mist

Dutch girl and boy

I am just thinking of the kiddoes that stood out in the front of the property. They are gone, but not forgotten!

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Thoughts on Romance revisited in 2013

Thoughts on Romance 2013

By T. Myers

When you are a Baby-Boomer or an older senior, romance is not all hearts and flowers! There might be hearts (often displayed openly and even desperately on one’s sleeve) and occasionally there are flowers (most often received for a birthday from a close relative as opposed to an admirer) for one occasion or other. Rarely are there boxes of heart shaped chocolates and bouquets of roses given to you for Valentine’s Day or even an Anniversary unless you are one of the lucky few who always believe in the value of giving these types of gifts to the ones they love.

When you look at life after 50 and examine the changes to the average American who reaches that age, love can be even more important than ever! For those of you who are happily- or even unhappily married, but with a significant other, it is not so much of a challenge. For the rest of our age group, finding someone to love and share with can be a real quest and a risky one at that! How do you identify a person you can trust and invest in these days? How is dating at our age? Does the act of loving get better with age or experience? Is online exploration to find a mate a good thing? Where do you go? Who do you open up to? How do you begin?

In the movie Dance with Me, featuring Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere, Susan’s character is having her husband followed by a jaded private detective who can’t figure out why anyone would marry. They are sitting in a bar talking and she tells him- in answer to his questions about marriage, that “We marry so that we have witnesses to our lives!” She goes on to explain that we all go through life and without someone there to share with you and care about what happens to you, who will know about what you thought and what you experienced and what you believed? A spouse does all of that for you. A significant other comes close.

As we approach retirement age we face other concerns, too! Recently I had two friends- a couple; divorce each other so they could get better benefits from Social Security. They had to do this in order to stay in their home and continue to have a life together. Was it hard? Terrifying, according to them both. But, necessary so they did it. They still live together today, but it isn’t the same. Reduced to significant others in their lives together, they no longer have many rights and have had to craft powers of attorney and other agreements to protect their assets and their relationship.

What does love have to do with it? Tina Turner thought that the physical attraction and fulfillment part of love was the thing- but only as a part of something much bigger. We all know that there are different kinds of love and all of them make us feel whole. In February, the real romantic kind of love is a dream that most of us share- to find that one person who completes us and makes life worth living. Do we look? Do we take a chance? Do we wait until love finds us?

Make sure that your friends know that you want love in your life. Pay attention to being ready for love and keep yourself open to the idea that a romantic ideal might not be very real. Find a place where you can meet people that like to do the same kinds of things that you like to do (dance, ski, fish, help a charity, take care of animals at a shelter) and let those folks know that you are actively looking. Dr. Phil says Match.com is a good place to start. But whatever you do, before you begin, is be sure of what you want and what you do not want in your future and stick to it (don’t settle because you are lonely).

Love is very important to our self-esteem and can make the difference in how we can live a long and healthy life. So, go for it! It might be that love has everything to do with it!

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Guns and Crazies…

Thought Spot: March Issue

Guns and Crazies

By T. Myers

I was watching the national news shows on Sunday morning and they had guests that addressed the gun control non-legislation. Several of them explained that with careful background checks they are reducing the gun violence in fourteen states already because they also require background checks during purchasing in Gun Shows, too, and they are trying to get additional compliance in the remaining states. What this means is that people who want to buy a gun go into a store, select their merchandise and go through the background information that is forwarded to law enforcement agencies to be vetted before the items are released to the buyer.

In all but the 14 states mentioned above, a buyer can go to the local gun shows and walk out with their purchase that very day. No check required. In only the retail stores do they bother to check on anything.

The speakers were insistent that making Gun Show and Sportsmen Show buyer subject themselves to the background searches, we would seriously reduce the gun deaths and violence in the nation. I almost fell off my chair laughing!

During the New Town, Connecticut shootings, a mentally diagnosed young man used the guns his ‘accountable’ mother had in her house to shoot her and then the students and teachers. I have addressed the fact that I was pretty upset that a parent- any parent with a child who is diagnosed with any kind of serious mental condition would have guns in their home- let alone take them to the firing range for family firing practice as a bonding activity. But, having been a counselor for a decade, I also know full well that there is no background check in the world that will capture any youth or adult who has been diagnosed with mental illness because it is a Federal law to keep medical records secret and private. H-m-m-m.

So the very people who are least likely to commit a violent act with a firearm, will comply with the laws and buy their guns the right way. Lord help them if they do what the young killer’s mother did and let any of their children who are mentally challenged be a part of family gunplay!

Here is the truth. Background checks are a good thing. The Columbine killers skirted the laws by buying and having a friend buy them the weapons that they used. It would stop some of that. Criminals who want guns will always be able to obtain them and there will be no record of where they came from unless they are traced back to a theft from someone who recorded the purchase of said weapon legally. So if background checks are designed to rule out the Crazies- watch out!

And what is crazy anyway? Have you ever been at a hunting camp after a day in the woods when the beer can squeezing, whiskey drinking good old boys are gathered around a fire swapping stories and drinking so much booze that paranoia sets in? Pretty crazy! They have to take a sip of the dog in the morning just to get over the night before and they warm themselves through the day with a flask in their shirt pockets. Guns and alcohol! It makes crazies of anyone. And they go out and shoot to kill. If luck holds, it will be a big game animal. If not, it could be someone’s dad or brother or son!

“Guns don’t kill people do!” says the National Rifle Association.

VP Joe Biden say, “You don’t need a semi-automatic weapon for protection, get a big shot gun, -that will do the trick.”

There are drug impaired shooters. Bullies who go too far. Hate filled gang members who want in so bad they will do a murder to belong. There are other hate filled people who base their action on hating a race, a color or a creed. There are spouses who will pay a dollar for a bullet instead of filing for divorce- and they get to keep the community property. (Greed motivates them) And there will always be people who just want to make a statement and be in the history books because they need to feel special.

Pass laws about guns. No one in this country will do it because it hurts the political ambitions of the congressmen. Are there options? Sure.

Parents can tune into their children during the work day, and on weekends. Know what is on the computer and put it in the living area- not in a kid’s bedroom. Bullies need to be dealt with, reported and held accountable for their demeaning actions- this will take away some of the suicides and stop violent emotional abuse. Parents need to stop saving their children from being accountable for their bad actions. If you cannot parent appropriately- get help. A child does not make the decisions for adults. Adults do. The social media that has taken over the hearts and minds of many youth (recently a girl told me she was in the eighth grade before she started using a cell phone) is interfering with real communication. What on earth did we do before everyone thought that a child needed instant communication at all times? PLEASE!

There are two generations living today that know full well that no one is that important! Cell phones are great and terrible at the same time. Using a cell phone we now can film crimes taking place as they happen. Terrible! And, we can now film crimes while they happen instead of helping, calling police, getting involved or for fun to post on YouTube. H-m-m-m.

It seems that everything we choose to do relates to our safety. Guns, crazy people, too much social media, not enough committed communication, are serious consideration for how we go forward to solve these issues. Think about it.

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Storms hit La Pine with sad ending…

One Family’s Sad Ending to the Big Storm on Sunday August 25th shows Generous and Loving Spirit when Times get Tough

By T. Myers

During the terrible storm that hit La Pine Sunday afternoon, a sad note to share.

Down on Big Timber Drive, a twenty year old Kiger Mustang horse named Brandy was sheltering under the trees on the property. A big crack of lightning took down a tree and it landed across the back of the unsuspecting horse, breaking her back. Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Dozier grabbed a chainsaw in order to remove the tree, but it was too late for the horse. She died in the arms of her loving owner a short while later.

This is an example of what we do in La Pine. When there is trouble, we try to help our friends, family and neighbors. Deputy Ron Dozier from Deschutes County went way beyond his duty to help the family with the injured horse. A big Thank you Deputy Dozier, from the Meeses and the Schulz family for trying to help save their beloved horse, Brandy.

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Hot summer days and the kids hit the Little Deschutes for a float!

Flop and Float Kids going out

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Longing for Home…..

This morning I had a revelation! I saw a beautiful panorama of the southwest and it hit me how much I want to find that perfect spot to call home…


Oh, to find the place

Where you are no longer lost

A place where your heart is home

Where each of your footsteps on the land

Is a dance with your soul

A place where you are fed by the sun, the rain and the wind

And your eyes see the truth of where you belong


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Teri’s Thoughts!

I am excited to get the venue where I can write at will. Hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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