July 2014 The New Senior Column

The New Senior for July 2014

By T. Myers

I love that place at the end of my day when I am starting to drift off to sleep and I am between being awake and falling asleep. I named it the “Between” in a novel that I wrote and that term describes exactly where you find yourself. You are surrendering your day to the unknown void of the night and the dreamlike state of losing yourself to what will unfold in your brain once you are asleep and it is both scary and exciting. It is really about giving up your hold on reality and getting on the rollercoaster created by your brain during your REM cycle of sleep.

Most of the time we do not remember what we dream, or as we come out of sleep, we lose it so fast that we do not keep it to analyze. (Blessing or a curse?) When we do have a pad and pen nearby and write down our thoughts we remember from our nightly foray into dreamland, we often do not remember the details well enough to make sense of the dreams we have. When we do, the fun begins!

If you don’t have dreams- and many people do not, it is probably because we hardly ever have had enough deep sleep (four hours of deep sleep in a row) to restore out tired bodies and allow us to escape into the rapid eye movement (REM) cycles where dreams live. When we do have a great dream, and find that it is hard to pull ourselves out of sleep back to wakefulness, it is exhilarating. It is a success! It is to be treasured.

The trick is to learn how to sleep again. No TV or computers on in the room. No ambient lights that make it impossible for the brain to perceive the nocturnal time of day. No white noise like fans or radio or I-Pads/phones and headphones. It means you will need to have your bed smoothed out and ready for slumber. If you wear pjs or a nightgown, bedtime apparel should be comfy. Dr. Oz says we should sleep without clothes in a cool room where we can let our body cool down and relax. Nothing gets knotted up when we toss and turn without clothes on and when it is too hot, no one can rest well.

Should you leave a window open? Probably not. Cool the room down before you crawl into bed and close the windows to prevent a drastic change in temperature like we live with in La Pine. (Remember that ducks fold their heads under their wings to prevent the cold and whatever is blowing around in the air from getting the best of them).

What about sleeping with pets? If they lay down like a rock and do not move around at night, maybe, but most of the time a dog or cat that jumps up or down during the night to get a drink or go to the door to get out, will disturb your rest. So think about it before asking Fido to share your sleeping space.

If you do not learn to enjoy the Between because it is too frightening, (you do not want to lose control), you will probably keep fighting to stay in the day you need to leave, and when you do, you will end up being more tired than when you began. Just saying…

It is a good time to look at how you sleep and enjoy a good night’s rest! The dreams? They will come…

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June 2014 The New Senior Column

The New Senior for June 1, 2014

By T. Myers

June is always a big time for reflection in my life. This year it is even more so because I will be turning 65, and although I am not officially old enough to retire, I remember when I used to think about the day I would turn 65 and be able to retire, so my head is full of animosity about the changes to our American Dream mixed with feelings of being physically challenged by age and health and all of the things that goes with those old people things.

Besides that, there has been another young man with a gun and a car who wanted to pay society back for not loving him enough, so he thought that he would kill a few people first, before taking his own life! This time, the 22-year old from a privileged family was able to get 4 hand guns and 400 rounds of ammunition, write a 142 page diatribe about his sad place in life that he emailed to his folks and left his house after stabbing his three roommates to death, to take a ride around town. At that point he shot a few people in a local convenience store and then he proceeded to run over pedestrians and finally he turned one of his guns on himself. Yes, I think about the fact that even the parents had asked the police to do a welfare check on him a couple of weeks ago and they thought he was fine. How do the crazy kids get weapons and why are the parents so checked out that they do not know about their offspring until too late?

President Obama is dealing with the Veteran Affairs scandal about keeping vets on a waiting list and in one hospital in Arizona, 41 vets have died while they waited. This sacred obligation to care for the veterans who fought for our nation is now in question, and even though Obama has made a quick trip to Afghanistan to tell the troops that he is working on the problem, it is perhaps, too little, too late!

The School year is coming to an end and soon we will have the little ones on our sidewalks and riding their bikes on the roads. We have two parks in downtown La Pine for the kids to spend time. Finley Butte Park has swing sets and a nice playground for little children and the Frontier Heritage Park on Huntington Road has playground equipment and a large grassy field to play on. The LPRD has come up with an amazing summer community school program that starts on June 23rd and the cost- compared to regular childcare- is minimal and the children will have access to dozens of fun activities and places to go. If you have visiting grandchildren or family members that are scheduled to be in La Pine, you can arrange to take the kids to summer school with advance notice.

In terms of events for the summer, the City Clean-up and Let’s Pull Together is on June 7th this year. The whole city gets spiffed up and we remove the noxious and invasive weeds so we are pretty for the summer!  The Rhubarb Festival in scheduled for June 14th. It is an all day event at L&S Garden, located 1.5 miles down Huntington Road. Do not forget the Frontier Days and La Pine Rodeo events for the 4th of July, either! The park opens on Thursday night for midway fun and the fireworks are scheduled for the 4th at 10 pm. The rodeo is open for a Bull riding event on the 4th and all events continue through Sunday with Church in the park at 9 AM on the 6th.           

Since these events are such a big part of La Pine it is always important to be a part of them. Come and enjoy the festivals, help with the clean-up day and invest your time into celebrating the history of the area.

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May 2014 The New Senior Column

The New Senior for May 2014

Motherhood is Important! – More than you know…

By T. Myers

On May 11th we give a nod to our Mothers, Grandmothers and other splendid maternal figures in our lives. It is an important day that, if taken lightly by those family members who would rather sleep in on that Sunday Morning, can cause no end of damage to the family relationship with the matriarch! Don’t forget to thank your moms. Don’t forget to make her feel special. Don’t forget!

The real reason I am bringing it up is that times are changing- again. How? With all of the technology and the busy-ness in most of our lives, we are losing something important. We are losing the business of being a mom (Parent)!

Yes, I say Business- not to be confused with Busy-ness because there are no do-overs in motherhood! Even if you don’t know how, you have not got an option to do a half-baked job when you are raising your children!

Look around at what we are seeing with parents today. Where are the long-term consequences for the following?

Lots of parents that are in dual income families (where both parents work) use all of their free time in the evenings (when they don’t shut down completely) and the weekends dragging their children with them everywhere. They are taken to parties, out to restaurants, to playdate activities, to sports, to enrichment lessons, to the neighbor’s for any occasion that pops up. Kids are offered a cell phone or I Pad to keep them busy at theses outings. Granted, it is difficult for parents and children to meet the required number of ‘expected hours to be together as a family’, but how does it affect the children? They are constantly doing things. Constantly stimulated. There is no quiet time. There is usually some kind of activity with an over-stimulating toy or hand-held communication device. Finally, when do the children learn that they should not be everywhere, experiencing everything that their parents experience?

In a single parent or a single income family, there are also some differences. Without the support of a partner or a second income, life is more difficult. There might not be extra dollars for enrichment activities. Sports are usually a good option, but it gets really hard to bring children to the activities and pick them up in a timely manner because of work. So these children often have more alone time or time with after school at home or at childcare and when a parent has all of the responsibility and is worn out in the evenings, the family stays in.

When do the mother and/or the parents teach the children in the family the basics about chores to keep a household running, proper meal planning or manners? When do the kids learn how to take care of personal hygiene, clean their own rooms, or help with the housekeeping and meal preparations?

I see that in the busy families, mealtime is often sketchy after a long day of school and work, and then after school activities and a fast trip home. The mother and/ or father are buzzing around the kitchen if they actually cook dinner and eat together, while the kids are parked in front of the TV or computer to be “Watched” safely while the folks get dinner on the table. Lots of times, the parents are so tired that they don’t shop for ingredients for a family meal and they decide to make that quick trip to a local restaurant, hoping it will be the answer. The entire family schlepps there together and the children eat what they want. No plan. Just pacifying, placating and satiating the meal time needs.

Problem? No one learns to eat a common meal (Part of family bonding). Children learn to expect that they will be able to eat exactly what they want. Children and parents expect others to clean up after them as part of the restaurant service (“We will tip them for it!”) and nobody has to sit and behave, either! “It won’t hurt to let the kids walk around a bit after their meal”. And for those who wait until the children are too hungry or too tired to act like small humans instead of snarly animals in the restaurant, well, I say shame on you!


1. No Do-overs.

2. Large, life-long responsibility that is rewarding and challenging.

3. Teaching children about life and life skills and nurturing your children so they learn about family relationships and responsibilities of family members to help each other. Friends, too.

4. Allowing your children to grow in their roles inside the family.

5. Teaching them about their jobs at home and at school.

6. Letting them figure out things for themselves if they are old enough to understand the safety and societal expectations for doing so. You are growing adults when you are raising children.

When you celebrate your mother on May 11th, think about how we all can support the mothers around us.

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April new senior 2014

The New Senior for April 1, 2014

By T. Myers

With spring comes hope for some and problems for others. What a downer of a sentence! Both aspects can be true- if difficult to accept. Let me explain.

First, we all look forward to longer days, warmer afternoons, a few bulbs peeking through and a sample of what is to about to come during the precious summers that are so beautiful here. If you have been looking over the ground during the past two weeks, you may have seen the sunlight dappling the forest floor with spots of brightness, encouraging plants and flowers to come out and join in the springtime fun, but, when I think of the fact that snowfall has been minimal and water levels are low, I also know that this summer may challenge our area with water shortages and, of course in our area, forest fires are always a concern.

Second, after this winter, there are lots of skiers who spent precious dollars on those lift tickets that promised runs down the snow covered mountains and what happened? Snow came in bursts and some ski resorts only opened briefly, fighting for every customer they could glean, and now, with the turn in temperature, there may be a few rain showers that turn to snow, but it is too late to make up for lost time.

Third, during the colder months, people in La Pine are careful about venturing out into the wild. Basically speaking, anytime there is weird weather, everyone shuts down. The people around here go to the store for supplies and they stay inside. Events have seen a decline in attendance over the winter months and if we see unusual weather this spring, it will continue to happen.

For those of us who have cabin fever, we wait for the first rays of sunshine to push out of our cocoons to breathe a little fresh air and catch a bit of sun on our faces- so it cannot come soon enough.

A note about the lady I have written about in past stories in the Eagle. Teri Garner continues to fight leaving her longtime home at Snowy River RV Park on Solar Dr. People have come forward with wood, groceries, a heater, errand service and other helpful things to make it easier for her, but her time is drawing to a close on her property. When she lost her battle with her ex companion and the court decided to evict her and put her home on the auction block, the winter months became a refuge for her, time wise, anyway. Now, it seems that with the spring, the authorities are thinking about her and the court decision to have her vacate

I will follow what happens as it unfolds, but with the hope of spring in our own hearts, be sure that somewhere close to us all is dealing with the difficulty that a new season will bring down on her story.

With the opening of the soon to be named Family Counseling services here in the South County Building, there will be a place for folks who are having a difficult time to get help locally. The coordinator, Dr. Michelle Cox, has been working to set up Children’s Counseling, Family Counseling, and in the future, teen and group counseling as part of the possibilities. Having a connection to the La Pine Community Health Center with referrals between the two agencies and a connection to immediate medical services will be a standard part of the services that are offered by both the clinic and the center. This is a great Spring gift to our community- and one that will ultimately make a big difference in how we move forward with services we need in our area.

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February 2014 New Senior

The New Senior for February 1, 2014

By T. Myers

Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day!

Over the Christmas break and during the past warm month of January, I have had lots of things on my mind. With getting ready for the Olympics, the threats to the safety of the athletes, more school shootings, the Super Bowl Sunday plans, the fact that February is a lead in to springtime accompanied by chocolate and changes in the community (including the thefts of cameras and computer form our new Chamber offices), I wanted to share some of my random thoughts for you to think about with me!

Here we go:

            Can you imagine dying without having made an impact on your life and those living around you?

            With the world constantly changing, who are the Masters of the Universe?

            I get all weepy when I watch the gray whales breaching on the TV story about them. I don’t know if it is their beauty, or their reduced numbers or the accompanying stories about the Japanese herding hundreds of dolphins into a cove every year and killing them for meat. But the whale thing makes me hurt for the planet…

            I look at the old lady cat that seems to love her younger male kitty companion and am in awe of the display of affection between the two of them. She is 17 and blind, he is young and two times her emaciated size and he takes care of her. It is stunning. She seeks him for comfort and warmth. He grooms her and lets her drape over his warm body when they sleep. She walks the room in search of him, sniffing him out and he senses that she needs something and responds. Beautiful.

            The teacher, David Menasche who has an untreatable brain tumor has been traveling across the country visiting his former students. He has discovered that he impacted the lives of so many former students he is realizing how a teacher can make a difference. His quote? “You can’t control the cards you’re dealt, but, you can control how you play them.” You go, David!

            Do you ever think about those Civil Defense Drills/Air Raid Drills we used to practice in the classroom during the 50’s and 60’s? They were called Duck and Cover Drills, too. When I was a kid, being the good student, sat under my desk with my hands over my face “to shield me from explosions” and at the tender age of nine, I wondered who in the world they were trying to fool with such a stupid idea! If there was a nuclear attack, we would all be toast and no amount of hiding under a desk would protect anyone in the major cities that would be attacked. The TV commercial of the lady deciding that she likes a certain spaghetti sauce she never buys who then questions other choices she has made during her life reminds me to wonder what else the establishment is throwing at us that is for our own good? H-m-m-m-?

            Have you thought about the fact that when we started to get PC (politically correct) at our schools that there was a major shift in what American Schools began to teach new teachers and where there had been a philosophy of teaching students to be good Americans, there was now a philosophy of keeping children safe- although we rarely address actual bullying, even though we talk about how awful it is, until the role of schools is diminished in its ability to drive citizenship and deportment. Just as an aside, they are gradually removing the read aloud portion of the reading programs and no they are removing learning cursive writing. (As an educator who studied behavioral science, I know how important seeing the words on the page, reading them and hearing the words out loud is a learning circle.- When we learn cursive, it is hand eye coordination, but it is also the copying aspect of seeing, writing, thinking and producing a copy also forms another learning circle. These are two things that should never change. I used both techniques to improve reading and comprehension skills in students who were behind grade level when I ran Alternative Schools)

Last topic for this month? The president said that marijuana is not any more dangerous than alcohol. He did tell his girls that he thought it was not good for them. But it does open up avenues to explore in the process of legalizing the plant. Just saying that we would save big bucks and maybe make big bucks if we controlled it for use across the country!

Hey- see you next month!

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January 2014 New Senior

The New Senior- January 2014

By T. Myers


When is the best time of year to be with friends? For the New Year celebration, of course! If you cannot be with those that you appreciate and love, then be sure that you get that holiday card in the mail. It is time to reflect on the past year and the thing I want to talk about the most is friendship.

I am not limiting friendship to being those who are not a part of your blood family, instead I am talking about how the people in your life influence and impact you with their caring and sharing, their concerns and challenges and the reality of lives shared by you and your special pals.

About a month ago, I realized that I have lost someone who has been a big part of my life for forty years. She and I connect through the year even though we live far apart and at least touch bases. She does not email. She doesn’t return a phone call anymore and I wonder if I have done something that caused it to happen. I have sent out a snail mail letter hoping she will give me a shout out and in the meantime, I have spent time reliving many of the memories I share with her.

I introduced her to her longtime husband. He died several years ago from complications to his MS. I shared classes with her at college when we were both young women. She helped me through my cancer recovery and I was front and center at her wedding and for the birth of her first child, my godchild. You can’t just lose a longtime friendship without fighting for it! She is one of the people who had a sense of who I always thought I would grow up to be and I feel the same about what I knew of her hopes and dreams. We both shared disappointments. I was divorced and she was a widow- yet, we had those common beliefs in the beginning of our adulthood and they seemed important enough to keep.

So what do you do when this happens? It is similar to a divorce. It is a little death. Even though it may work out that I can resurrect the friendship out of the ashes, for now it is a loss.

We cannot do without people. For all of the trouble they cause us, so do they give us joy and hope for a better life. Together with the friends you make in this life, you can plow through the problems and the pain to find light at the end of the journey, and with their help, you can start new journeys that you take together. After all Life is about the journey, not the place you end up.

So do yourself a favor. Look at the people in your life and decide who you still value enough to thank and then get busy letting those people know how much you appreciate them and what they give to you because they are your friends. Make a list of a few people who used to be a big part of your everyday life and reach out with a letter to ask how they have been since the last time you were together. Set aside one day a month after the age of fifty, to remember your old stories of friendship by telling your children, or writing them in a journal so they are not lost.

Friends are everything.

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December 1 New Senior 2013

The New Senior Dec 1 2013

By T. Myers

Fifty years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, my memories of that day are as fresh as if they were made yesterday!

During the past few weeks there has been a great deal of attention paid to Kennedy’s death and seeing the TV programs, reading articles and sharing those days’ events with friends has made me realize how very important that Friday was in the history of America.

Until that morning, we west coasters- along with the rest of the nation had been going through the Kennedy presidency along ‘with’ the Kennedy family because everything that they did was on the television. We laughed at the biggest selling comedy album, The First Family, with the rest of the country. We felt a part of a bigger national picture for the first time in modern history and we celebrated the growing feeling of nationalism, or the fear of a possible war with the communists 90 miles south of us in Cuba, and we again felt the comfortable feeling of family that was growing up in the White House, inside our own homes. 

When Kennedy left for Texas that fatal day, it was a routine trip. No big deal. We had survived the Bay of Pigs and we had successfully turned the Russian fleet back without a nuclear war. We felt like we were ready for anything. He left Forth Worth and landed in Dallas and started his last drive through city center. Then a single shot and two quick successive shots rang out across the Plaza he was passing by during Kennedy’s motorcade. As we realized what had happened, we watched the motorcade speed away and we were left to face the possibility of a change so drastic that nothing would ever be the same again.

For fifty years the question of ‘where were you when you heard the news?’ echoes in all of us. I was sitting in my freshman Algebra class. We had just done roll and the loudspeaker went on. The Principal came over the speaker and said, “I am about to play the radio broadcast that will explain this interruption.”

Walter Cronkite was being played and he was saying that the President had just died of a gunshot wound at ‘approximately 1PM Central Standard Time’. There were a few more comments from the local broadcaster. Then the Principal came back on the speaker. “We will be letting classes get ready to go home as soon as we can get the busses ready to take you. Anyone who needs to call their parents can use the office phones.”

At the same time, my grandmother was in serious condition in a Spokane hospital. We all went north to visit her for the last time during the country-wide shut down. TV covered every aspect of what was happening ending with the funeral procession. It added to our sadness to be losing our President and Grandmother at the same time. John Kennedy was our President, but more than that he was our father, our brother, our son, our uncle. We were losing someone we loved. And we were afraid.

It was not that we lost our innocence, because we had been through World War II and the great depression and we had even had three other Presidents who had been assassinated. But, this was the first time we had all seen it happen before our eyes.

Within a few years John Kennedy’s contemporaries had become the watchdogs of the nation. They morphed into the silent majority. They were already holding the ‘torch’, but now they were looking over their shoulder while they held the country together. Men and women in their forties went from youth to middle age over a weekend and the younger generation began to question every single thing that happened in government from that day forward.

America changed. Americans changed. TV became the way we got our information and it held a sacred place of trust in American homes. As we lived through the change in the Whitehouse, the rumblings of war in Southeast Asia, and what was becoming a faster pace of life, we looked back to the events of November 22, 1963 as the start of what would be the way we now “do government”.

Today, as we recall those events, please consider what you would have done if this had not happened and we had continued down the path to Camelot. H-m-m-m.

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The Quarterly rant for November

The New Senior November 2013

By T. Myers

There is a lot going on these days and I have some thoughts about being a New Senior in America circa fall of 2013! (Note: A New Senior is anyone old enough to get an AARP invite and still have parents to care for that are the Old Seniors).

During the past month, there have been several events in our country that really have impacted my thinking and, since I haven’t done a New Senior Rant for a while- here it comes!

I want to open a discussion about the young teenage girl who committed suicide back east after being cyber bullied by several ‘mean girls’ at her school. The Sheriff determined who had sent the messages and then found a posting from one of the suspected mean girls about the victim after her death. It was flippant and mean and without compassion saying something like, sure she died, but, who cares. The sheriff told the country that he could not understand why the parents of the girl, who wrote the post death text, had allowed the girl to keep her cell phone and keep using it to continue the bullying commentary. The parents said they did not believe that their daughter had done anything to cause the suicide.

Really? The Sheriff went on to say that parents give their children cell phones and then they disconnect from their parental responsibility to teach and monitor the communications of their children. And, it is not just about cyber bullying. It is about inappropriate content being sent by our children and grandchildren that enters the ether of the cloud and it becomes available to any person who wants to use it from that point forward. A simple posting of drinking at a party can keep the child from getting a job later. A provocative pose for a boy or girlfriend can lead to embarrassment and a long list of problems for a teen that grows up to find that the pics are being viewed by an old lover’s long list of friends and even strangers that have picked up the photos.

Could it be that a simple cell phone- in order to call home for help might just be enough for the average teen to carry? No texting possibilities. No picture possibilities. Or? How about we go back to no cell phones for teens and let them actually talk with one another in person- or a on a land line?

The other topic to discuss is the recent governmental shutdown. We put these honest people in office to represent us. They have no idea what to do once they go to Congress. Ask the new conservatives what they plan to do and they say I want to repeal Obama Care. What do you plan to do instead? I want to repeal Obama Care. Uh Huh!  The liberals answer the question with we want to keep Obama Care. They have no platform and they are not doing the job they are sent to do- that is to provide an approved budget for the operation of the country/state and then make changes that will improve the quality of life of other citizens while they protect the ideals that we founded our country upon. They are in Congress to work together to accomplish the growth of the economy.

Now we need to recognize that the economy is not down, it is different. Every time that our ineffectual leaders do something to stop the growth of our economy, put our credit rating at risk or try to keep anything at all from happening because they tie it to a piece of legislature that has passed, they are making everyone in our country a joke. We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop and we don’t spend, invest or move forward. Dumb and Dumber.

I say- we don’t pay these men and women if they don’t accomplish the job of passing the budget. Putting them on furlough until we can elect new individuals would be a good thing. Taking them off of their ‘I served in Congress retirement plan’ and their ‘golden parachute medical insurance policy’ would serve them right. No pay for no work!

Get over it people and make some changes that will set us right again. I am writing to my representatives and senators today. Let them know how you feel.

We are New Seniors- hear us roar!

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Let Congress know how you feel about their behavior!

The New Senior October 1, 2013

By T. Myers

I was watching the Sunday Morning Show on CBS. There was a special presentation about actor, Val Kilmer’s Mark Twain show that he is taking to Broadway and as I listened to him- staying in his Twain character during his interview with the CBS reporter, I was reminded of my Literature studies during college, and I studied the history of American and English Lit. The Twain books and stories were hugely influential in America and after 145 years, they are still just as important. I was fascinated by seeing yet another actor attempt to take on the humorous author and his contributions to our culture. Back to the interview. When asked about what he thought of modern politics, Kilmer/Twain responded with a classic Twain line:

“Politics is just show business for ugly folk!”

My reaction was a laugh, but with more thought, I came to realize that the answer was loaded with meaning and truth. Not that the politicians are ugly- but maybe they become so after they take on a political office and then go off to represent the voters for their elected period of time without accomplishing anything of value- or working on what matters most to American voters, but instead they puff themselves up, making a caricature of real ‘folk’ into a pseudo-leader of men and taking a good salary to ‘not work out’ the problems they were elected to solve!

Here we are in Oregon, 3000 miles away from Washington, DC, where everything happens. This week it is another possible shutdown of government. The Sequester is going on and every three months, Congress has another responsibility to extend the monetary cutbacks, only now the congressional representatives are hemming and hawing about whether they will go ahead and extend expenditures without making cuts in the Obama Care plan- or not! This will cause a governmental shutdown. It will also cause a major embarrassment to America across the globe.

Holy cow!   This constant, consistent bickering and refusal to work together in the American Congress is killing us slowly. The last time the sequester went into  being on March, the credit rating of our country was reduced and it affected the slow growing/recovering economy for three months and the same thing happened in June when it came up again. Why don’t we fix this instead of postponing it?

What do the other countries in the world think of this ongoing inability to make things happen in America? They already have doubts about why we decide to be involved with world policing, but now they look at the past five years of watching congressional leaders at an impasse about, not just the economic issues, but about foreign and domestic issues we need to find solutions for, and they wonder if America has what it takes to lead in our global world! It hurts my heart to lose more of what I believe about our country and I want it to stop. Don’t you?

If you think a ‘stopped’ government that closes down for a few days is not so bad- think about what it really means! The world is looking at things more closely than we do. Apparently! We are so far removed that when things happen in Congress it seems to take some time before we get that we are also a part of what is taking place. The world has become too small to have this kind of bad thinking on the west coast. (Or the east coast or the Midwest or the south…)

New Seniors and Old Seniors, make time to stay in the mix. Let our congress know that we do not want to be economically stopped again and that they need to act on our behalf- as they are charged to do- and get to the solutions of working together to eliminate our problems. And if we two generations of old and new seniors can reach across time and shake hands agreeing to work together to make a difference in our own area- then so can Congress!

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The New Senior

Every month there will be a new post for this Newberry Eagle Column. Sometimes it is a rant- of sorts- other times it will simply be about an issue that older folks need to take a look at. Either way, I am working to post all of  these columns so you can see changes for the New and Old seniors to think about…

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