December 2012

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

What is happening in Senior Land? Members can find out by looking at the calendar that comes inside the newsletter. Every month the Senior Center works hard to create interesting and timely things to do. This month there is a craft bazaar and on December 31st, there will be the Senior Center New Year’s Eve Party.

You can come in for a good meal during the week or meet with people to do crafts, quilting classes, cards, painting classes or you can even play Bingo. The Senior Center Board considers many requests for activities and they try to provide the atmosphere and space needed to carry out requests. So the question is what don’t we do that we should do for you?

There has been a change in the leadership of the office. Karen Ward has assumed the role of Office Manager. Andi Ferguson will handle events and the kitchen. Don Greiner is still working on the Bingo nights and volunteer Board and regulars work to handle the day to day issues as they come up.

Since the Center is designed to support activities for those of us in the AARP years of life, you may want to take a few moments to communicate to the office, what the Senior Center can do for you. What kinds of things do we need to offer to you to keep you interested in being in the center and doing activities with us? Are there speakers, classes, educational any things that we are missing out on? Are there Senior Centers where you saw some successful activities that we have not tried to do here?

One of the hardest things about getting older is that we have a hard time NOT settling into the same old same old.

Recently I was talking to a wonderful couple who tried to start up some dancing evenings here and they were disappointed that no one came. Is this what really happened? Do you have too many options for activities in the city calendar, so that you cannot come to the activities at the Center? We find that many things are scheduled on the same nights or days here in La Pine with no thought given to how we should spread out the scheduling of events. I am thinking of the craft bazaar at the LPEC on the same day as the Lion’s Children’s Gift shop and the Senior Center Christmas Crafts fair and the Ya Ya Holiday Boutique.

It would be very helpful if you could tell us what you want for a priority in the coming year. Do you want your activities to be centered here at the Center? How do you want to plan to attend Senior Center Events? Is the monthly calendar working for you? Are we missing the boat by not holding the activities that make you happy to belong to the center?

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