February 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

February crawls up to the starting line and we realize that the holidays are in the past and that the year has begun in earnest to move forward across time and we must brace ourselves to get on the band wagon!

I actually love it when the short month is over and things start to get normal. I was realizing that The Spaghetti Feed is on the 9th and that is party Central for almost everyone in town. Valentine’s Day is a Thursday and only five days after that, then its President’s Day weekend on the 16-18th, the month comes to a screeching halt and suddenly, it is springtime!

St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th on a Sunday and the School Kids get out of school for a week long break….and so on!

In the past month, we have seen President Obama inaugurated for the second term, our Legislature in Oregon has started up in Salem (local leader, Representative Mike McLane, is now head of the Republican Party in the House), Newberry Habitat for Humanity just hired their Executive Director, Dwayne Krumme, and they have built and opened a house to another family over on Terry Court and they will soon be part of our community.

The Senior Center had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and everyone is looking forward to more of these great parties. Local establishments are doing their best to become inviting to locals and tourists. Watch the specials they are coming up with for Valentine’s Day celebrations!

The Chamber is working on the latest Visitor’s Guide for the area. Being the Heart of Newberry Country, we are poised to attract lots of people to our area and the Senior Center stands to benefit from our new visitors. There are still a few tickets left for the Annual Crab feed. You can buy them at various places in town. The Crab Feed funds go towards sponsoring the Frontier Days Festivities every summer.

It will be next month in March and the newest low cost senior housing will be available. Little Deschutes Lodge II will open its doors to new occupants and they are lined up and waiting! What a thrill to add to this great complex that is dedicated to the safety and well-being of seniors in La Pine!

Just a few more comments about how to get involved in the action: go online to the Chamber of Commerce and check out the calendar for area events. Look at your own Senior Center Calendar for our special activities. Call Karen Ward at the office or Andi Ferguson here at the center 541-536-6237 to get involved or get information that will let you plan your days. Meals are still on Tues-Thurs at noon, potlucks are on Friday and there are a variety of activities that you are invited to participate in every month. Have a great February!

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