Foodie 7/15 hot weather tips

The Foodie Column for July 15th

By T. Myers

Hot weather tips:

Use what you can buy at the store and turn those items into special dishes in no time without cooking!

I was at Costco and I rarely- if ever- can pass up the rotisserie chickens because the price is great and the meat is wonderful and juicy. I do a little food serving on the weekend days and the crews of workers are hungry, but do not want heavy food, so figuring out meals that will satisfy them and still be light and cool are what we try to figure out. This week with the two chickens, I will create a chicken salad for one day and use the leftover sliced chicken for sandwiches the next day followed by the carcasses in a stew pot for chicken veggie soup coming up in the near future!

I bought a big tub of seedless grapes and a tub of grape tomatoes and they can be the tomatoes on a salad with romaine and Caesar dressing, and the grapes can be halved with ½ cup of sweet onion- diced small, diced celery, some sliced almonds and cubed chicken pieces and a little mayo with a touch of curry powder for a delicious chicken salad to serve on torta rolls with leaves of lettuce and some fruit on the side. A platter full of hunks of bananas, grapes and strawberries is the plate for the first of the two days and the left over bananas go into a banana pudding for day two topped with whipped cream and a graham cracker crust on the bottom and sprinkle on the top!

A great dressing for fruit based salads:

½ cup mayo

1/3 cup honey

¼ cup fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt. It will turn a translucent golden color and you drizzle it over the top of the stuffed bread sandwich, pita or over a plated version on top of crispy green romaine leaves!

This salad can also be made with hunks or shreds of cheese and ranch dressing instead of the sweeter tangy version. It becomes more salad like and when you serve it on a lettuce leaf, it can hold its shape and be a wonderful salad to use to stuff tomato halves.

Torta rolls are Square flat rolls and I get them at Costco. They are chewy in texture and make a fine sandwich because they hold together well. If you split them, they are great buttered and browned in a skillet with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar with eggs for breakfast, too.

I put a devil’s food cake in the oven early this morning and I made some whipped cream flavored with Nestle Quik to make it chocolatey as a topping and then I added a topping on top of the whip cream of tiny chocolate chip cookies for fun and crunch. Big squares on a plate is the whole enchilada: creamy topping, crunch cookies and fresh cake! Yum!

Habitat for Humanity needs to form a volunteer crew of painters for interior finishing. Call Dan Varcoe to get information and sign up. In the meantime, I hope my summer food ideas go over with the crews I will feed this weekend. Bon Appetit!

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