Johnny Justice to the Rescue- Lulu #4

Johnny Justice to the Rescue:

Or Don’t Take a Loan on a Log!


Teasers nightly at 5:30 pm WITH A GUNFIGHT AND ARREST?


Several months ago our heroine, Lovely Lori Lincoln and her hardworking husband Lionel Lincoln were informed that the bank was calling in their note on their Logging venture in South La Pine.


Lionel went to work to get all of the contracts he would need to pay off the bank on time and has been working so much that he had an accident when a chain broke and the log it was moving fell on top of him and his best workers leaving him injured and his crew short three good men. Now, with the time running out, Lori Lincoln has gone to the bank to ask for an extension….


Scene one:


Banker Garrett:        Well, Mrs. Lincoln, what can I do for you today?


L Lincoln:                  I was hoping that you could give me and Linc a little more time to pay off our note, Mr. Garrett.


Garrett:                      You both know how much I admire you and I am so sorry about Lincoln’s accident, but my hands are tied, Mrs. Lincoln. I had to sell your loan to an out of town investor a month ago and he no longer wants to carry the paper. He wants the cash or, unfortunately, for you and your husband, he wants you to shut down operations and move along. There is nothing I can do.


L Lincoln:                  But I heard that you still have a part of the loan, Mr. Garrett. There is also a rumor that this man, the developer from Portland, is your brother in law. I know that there is something you can do. It isn’t ethical. What you are doing is not right. It is not what we do to our friends or business associates here in La Pine.


Garrett:                      Now, now, Mrs. Lincoln. Don’t go getting yourself all upset. Leave this to your husband. Doc said he is up and around. A nice little woman like yourself should not be taking this on all by yourself.


L Lincoln:                  My husband is still in bed, Mr. Garrett. If he could handle this, he’d be here right now!


Garrett:                      Maybe I had better drive out and see him myself and explain the facts.


L Lincoln:                  Maybe you can tell him about your brother in law and how you stand to gain from calling in our note, Mr. Garrett. I am sure he will be shocked that you, of all people, are ready to betray one of your best customers and take away his livelihood. (She storms off to go home)   


Scene two:


(Back at home with Lincoln)


Linc:                           What’s got you so riled up, Lori?


Lori:                           I just was at the bank. Mr. Garrett would not even consider talking about an extension. He told me he sold the loan to someone from Portland and then he tried to avoid telling me about who the man was. He just said the fellow wants his cash or us out!


Linc:                           The workers were in here to see me when you were in town and they shared a mouthful, let me tell you.


Lori:                           What did they say?


Linc:                           Little Billy saw someone by the logs we were moving right before that chain broke. He remembered the man looking familiar, and he was wearing a bright red plaid shirt like Paul Bunyan, but he was not one of us.


Lori:                           Not one of our crew? Did he do something to cause the accident?


Linc:                           Don’t get your bustle in a bunch, honey! I got the fellas out to all of the watering holes in La Pine to see if they spot the guy. In the meantime I had Sven send a telegram over to Johnny Justice to get his help on the deal.


Lori:                           Johnny Justice? If we can gather up some of the facts before he gets here, maybe he can do more than investigate your accident. Maybe he can poke around after Garrett’s partner in the loan recall. By the way, how are the fellas doin’ cutting and delivering the timber?


Lincoln:                      We are so close to filling the contract, we may not need to worry, but it will sure be close. We need at least three other woodcutters and a choker setter to meet the deadline.            And something else?  We had better pay very close attention to the wagons and oxen teams because right now they will be what save us.


Lori:                           Who is checking on the livestock?


Linc:                           Norm and Sandy are over there and they will continue to watch the teams. I got the men checking the wheels and axles and all of the pin holders on the wagon beds. We should be ok, but after what happened to old Stearns last year, we are going to remain vigilant!


Lori:                           (handing Linc a plate of food) Here you go, Linc. Eat up and get some rest. I will take care of the chickens and then I am going over to Martha and Tom’s to see if they know any more about our mystery man.


Linc:                           It’s going on dark, girl, so be careful, okay?


Lori                             (leaving) I will, Linc. I will!




Scene three:


(Big man outside the bar is talking with the group gathered around him. Mrs. Lincoln and Lulu LaDeux are watching from the sidelines.)


Mr. Bart Biggs:         Now it seems that a few of you still have questions about selling off your land. Those folks over in Portland are itchin’ to have vacation spots here in La Pine and anywhere you have some big ole trees and some running rivers, you stand to make a bucket of cash!


Fella 1:                        Will we still be able to log the trees?


Mr. Biggs:                  Sure you will, Son.


Fella 2:                        I hear tell that you are trying to get Lionel Lincoln’s land. Won’t that piece be enough for your project?


Mr. Biggs:                  That is a done deal, sir. It will only start the development I have in mind. We want more water front property for some of those fancy pants          sun worshippers in the valley and you folks are the only landowners left that can help them with their vacation fantasies.


Fella 3:                        Can you buy the land next to the river and leave the rest to us?


Mr. Biggs:                  What’s your name young man?


Fella 3:                        Billy, sir.


Mr. Biggs:                  Well. Billy. If I can get my hands on a little riverfront property, you all can keep the rest as long as I have one large parcel to anchor a resort it will be perfect and we will all make a lot of money!


Billy:                           (Billy looks around and sees someone in the distance he recognizes.) Let me talk to my Pa, Mister. And will you tell that man (pointing to the man) with the red plaid shirt that works for you, thanks for helping me with my wheel the other day.


Mr. Biggs:                  You mean Dan Dirtee? Sure I will. (Billy thanks the man and runs off and the others close in around Mr. Biggs. The two ladies rush off in another direction to make some plans.)


Scene 4:

(Back at Lincoln’s house)


Lincoln:                      (Billy busts in) What did you find out, Billy?


Billy:                           That developer is trying to buy up all of the riverfront land to add to your parcel so he can have a resort for Portlanders who like the sun. But, there’s more! The man I saw by the logs before your accident? I remembered him. He still wears a bright red plaid shirt and I found out his name is Dan Dirtee and he works for the developer Bart Biggs!


Linc:                           Dirty Dan! He has been around for a few years fixing accidents in different logging camps that have gone under. Last year it was over at the MacKenzie River Logging Mill, and the fall before that the Mill City operation had to close down. I heard they have been looking for him and have had no luck. (Lori comes in from outside.)


Billy:                           I told that developer to thank the red shirt man for helping me with my wheel and high tailed it over here. I don’t think he knows why I was asking about the red
shirt man. When I saw him, I just suspected he might be with Mr. Big.


Lori:                           Smart thinkin’, Billy. I saw that man, too, but I couldn’t hear what you were saying. Now let’s get you some grub. You look mighty hungry! (She serves up a plate of food and sets it on the table)


Billy;                           I sure am, Miss Lincoln. Thank you. (Sits at table to eat)


                                    (Loud knock at the door. Lori opens it and Johnny Justice is standing there ready to help them)


Johnny Justice:          Howdy, Mrs. Lincoln, Linc (tips his hat to all in the room) I hear you might need some help!


Lori:                           (Almost faints) I am so glad you are here. Linc and I are really up against it. Garrett told us that we will lose the land and the business if we don’t pay off the entire bank note. We don’t know how we can do it with Linc being injured and all.


Johnny:                      If someone is breaking the law, I know I can stop them. Now tell me what you know.


Linc:                           My crew was working the South hill over by the Big Deschutes. We were taking down the big trees and loading them for the mill and everything was going smoothly.


Lori:                           I was getting meals ready one afternoon and a couple of fellas came out to the place with Mr. Garrett from the Bank. Garrett explained that he had sold his loan to another man from Portland and that the man wanted us to settle up right away. I took the notice out to Linc within an hour and  had just arrived when I heard all kinds of hollerin’….


Billy:                           Mr. Lincoln and two others were stuck under a huge Ponderosa log and we had to get the whole crew to lift it up and pull the three of them free.


Linc:                           I remember checking the chains early in the day. It is the only way we can move those big logs and the chains we use have to be good shape. They were, too. I just do not understand what happened. They should not have broken.


Billy:                           Remember that I saw the stranger over by the rig.


Johnny:                      Who is he talkin’ about, Linc?


Billy:                           The man is called Dan Dirtee.


Linc:                           He is the same guy they have been looking for since that accident in Pleasant Hill and the one up in Sisters last spring.


Lori:                           And there are others, too.


Johnny;                      You mean that mean son of a buck from the docks up in Portland is over here doin’ dirt to your associates?


Linc, Lori and Billy: YUP! Dan Dirtee is Doin Dirt to us and helping that developer from Portland, too.    


Johnny:                      Well, let me see those chains that broke. You did keep them, didn’t you?


Billy:                           Sven took everything back to the equipment shed.


Johnny:                      Well after a good night’s rest, how about the three of us…


Lori:                           The four of us!


Johnny:                      The four of us! We will go out and talk to the boys and take a look at the scene of the accident.


Lori:                           Afterwards, let’s go over to LULU’S LUNCHEONETTE. I think we can work out a way to find out how involved the Garretts are with Mr. Biggs. Lulu and I have a plan!


Scene 5:


(the towns folk are gathered in Lulu’s Luncheonette to support the Lincolns and get to the bottom of the plan to develop La Pine. If something else happens, they will all be ready!)


Lulu:                           Howdy gents. What can I get you two (Mr. Bigg and Mr. Garrett and Dan Dirtee sit for lunch.)


Garrett:                      Two lunch specials for us (pointing to Biggs and himself) and a Hefty Henry for this young fellow. And are you making your special tea yet?


Lulu:                           Always for you, Mr. Garrett. One or two pots to start with?


Garrett:                      Make it two. (Lulu leaves and Mrs. Garrett comes in and joins the men.) Right here Inez, next to me. (Lulu brings the tea and they start right in on the first pot.) Another cup and keep ‘em coming, my dear!


Lulu:                           I am trying out a new recipe, just for you today, Mr. Garrett. Hope you like it.


(Within minutes the talking is getting loud at the banker’s table. Folks are listening to the chatter about making millions and all the things Inez is going to buy when Johnny Justice comes in quietly and takes a place at the counter with Lori and Lionel Lincoln.)


Garrett:                      I have the men at the mill ready if Lincoln comes in with the load that should top off his payment on the loan. They will be sure that he cannot count it for payment and that will mean that by tomorrow, you will own his land, Bart.

Bart Biggs:                 This has been the easiest deal yet, Garrett. A big thanks to you and Inez for telling me about Lincoln’s beautiful property. And of course a big thanks to the man of the hour, Dan Dirtee without whose help none of this La Pine deal would be in progress.


Dan Dirtee:                It was a cinch. Everyone in La Pine is so friendly  and trusting, a little filing on the chain and I knew that Lincoln would be down three men in his crew. Did not expect him to be one of the three, but that just made it easier in the long run. (We see lori ready to hit Dan over the head with a cake PLATE SHE’D PICKED UP OFF THE COUNTER. Lulu grabs her hand and Johnny Justice motions for Linc to hold on to her.)


Inez:                            You know very well that the Lincoln woman has been invited to join the Women’s Club of La Pine? She is going to have to move before Lulu over there can get her hooks in and get her on Lulu’s side. One less female to worry about. I am just glad that we will be able to get our hands on that river view cabin of theirs before the summer is over. I will so enjoy being up there.


Mr. Garrett:              Now, Inez. It may take a little time to remove all of the lumber equipment and such so people can move in.


Inez:                            That is why I have you and Bart here. Just be sure it is done by the 4th of July. I am already planning a big party with fireworks and I want it there. (The crowd is going nuts)


Johnny:                      (moving to beside the table and carrying yet another pot of tea) Here you are, folks.


Inez:                            Who are you? The new man servant to Miss Lulu?


Johnny:                      Something like that, Mrs. Garrett.


Inez:                            Do I know you?


Johnny:                      I guess you don’t remember me from that little incident at the Sadie Hawkins Dance last year when you tried to burn Lulu out of business?


Inez:                            (Getting queasy and nervous) The Sadie Hawkins Dance. I don’t remember meeting you there.


Johnny:                      Well, I was just the little old sheriff who came down to investigate the situation. Lulu saved your bacon and so did the community when it came right down to it. It looks like you have been up to your old tricks, madame. Getting your brother in law to come to town and your own husband to bilk the lady and gentleman who are sitting right over there at the counter listening to you and your tales of parties and fireworks!


Garrett:                      Just a minute Sheriff…


Mr. Biggs:                  Don’t say anything, Inez! You either, Garrett!


Johnny:                      Well, it don’t matter what else you folks have to say. I am ready to arrest Dan Dirtee for his part in causing the accident that nearly shut down Lincoln’s Logging operation.    (A fellow steps up and cuffs the drunk Dirty Dan.) As for you Mr. Biggs, I checked to see if you had done any land deals over by McKenzie Logging, Sisters, Pleasant Hill or Mill City and guess what I found out? You Had- and all of them had the same outcome and same sidewinders involved: You and Mr. and Mrs. Garrett here.


Inez:                            Well, I never!


Lori and Lulu:           Make that well I always!…


Johnny:                      I am afraid that this time, you are on the hook for crimes here in la pine and in other central Oregon locations and I am taking you all in!

                                    (A group of people help to take them off)


Linc:                           What does this mean as far as the loan is concerned?


Johnny:                      From what the state boys told me, your load is turned in and the payment to Garrett’s bank is on the way and will be accepted as final payment on your loan. Your land is clear.


Lori:                           Thanks Johnny! What would we do without you?


Johnny:                      Shucks, Ma’am. I am just doing my duty as a law enforcement officer who fights for Justice and the American way!


All:                              Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Johnny Justice to the Rescue!


Johnny:                      And remember folks- It is your responsibility to know the folks you deal with! A simple handshake cannot replace a written agreement! If you want to make money, it’s the American thing to do, but be aware! You can’t take a loan on a log!













Dirty Dan!

Johnny Justice!


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