March 2013

The Seniority Report

By T. Myers

For those of you who have the internet, did you know that you can go online to and get daily updates about issues relating to seniors? I looked and found so many things about what we should know that I did not know what to focus on! Here are a few of the issues they addressed:

  • All Seniors should have received a copy of their 2-12 Social Security statement by Mid-February
  • Walking slowly associated with poor health but could be due to fat thighs
  • Wal-Mart’s Health Screening stations are part of the ‘Self-Service revolution’
  • Seniors should see lower costs in Medicare drug, advantage plans in 2014
  • Study of seniors finds less response to shingles vaccine when treated for depression
  • Keeping your body cool may lengthen your lifespan
  • Obama has called for two reforms in Medicare drug programs
  • There is a crisis looming in the Coffee industry with the ‘Coffee Rust’ fungus hitting plantations in Central America and Mexico causing the prices of coffee to bump way up
  • Happiness increases with Age for all generations: linked to important life outcomes-career success, relationship success and good health
  • Senior citizens least likely to support women in combat
  • Social Security will open an online service called my Social Security that lets people get info spontaneously

This website also addresses issues like senior scams, security for older Americans and many other topics.

So if you get the AARP magazine, you have the usual source for issues that seniors face, but the websites seem endless for senior information and if you can look at them, you are bound to find some answers for your own questions. You can also go onto Bing and type in a full sentence question and they will deliver answers for most topics.

One of the hardest things for all of us of a certain age is staying up to date with what we need to know, so if this can help us to learn- it is an opportunity.

Let’s talk about our pal Pat Fenn. She and husband Steve are making plans to move their residence to bend in the next few months and that means that we are trying to find people who will be able to take on the big job of handling our monthly newsletter. Pat will train the next layout person, but Karen Ward, office manager, and the rest of the people who work on the monthly edition will really miss Pat and her ability to create the colorful and newsy sheet we have come to expect. If you have submissions for the paper they need to be turned in to Karen.

You will notice that there will also be a period of adjustment while we revamp the look and size of the future issues during the next couple of months. Thanks and we will see you next month. Thanks again to Pat Fenn for all she does for the center!

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