New senior

The New Senior for June 15-30th

By T. Myers

How long has it been since you took a float on an inner tube? What about dancing under the stars with that special someone? Do you still run through the sprinkler on a hot afternoon? Walk barefooted through the mud puddles after a summer storm? How long has it been since you chased a garter snake through the grass to show a child you are not afraid of snakes? Can you remember the reason why you loved the songs that are still in your brain like you just heard them yesterday for the first time?

During the longer, warmer days of summer, there seems like there are a few more hours of the day to look around and think about what we see. That always spurs memories for me and I enjoy remembering. (I always said I would not live in the past when I got to be a senior, but the fact of the matter is this: I have lived a longer past than there is time for a future, so I might as well enjoy a few thoughts from my memories as opposed to losing touch with everything that made me who I am!)

So here I am- I have just made the pass from New Senior (AARP age 50 with parents at home to care for) to Old Senior, having reached the tender age of 66 in June. Social security, Medicare and all of the crazy insurance mailings are coming in droves and I am still writing my bucket list of things I want to do before I die and the list gets longer every day!

Do I feel different? Some, I guess, but mostly I avoid the reality of my older age and hope to continue- like everyone else in a state of bliss in living life every day- at least when I can. The one thing that keeps me going is coming up with the things I still need to think about- things I still want to write, because those lists spur me on to other thoughts and I use every one of them on paper whenever possible.

Do you write? Journal? It is so important not to lose the things you want to share about yourself, your opinions and why you have them and why you think they are valid enough to share with others. We live in an age where we send pictures to the Cloud and we all write emails instead of letters- and lord knows those are deleted! So what happens to those little bits we bother to share in the emails and posts? I cannot imagine that we are so worth-less that our thoughts are being deleted as fast as we write them. Do you think that way?

I propose that we write a little letter one time a month. Send it to yourself and put them in a drawer to be read later. That way you have saved those thoughts and every time you add to your pile of letters, you will be creating your written history. I used to teach creative writing and life story writing and we would start this way. If you have an even- like a birthday party, I would have the class write about their favorite birthday and put it in the letter telling why they shared the story and it was a beginning of a lifetime full of stories to share. Give it a try. A New Senior and an Old Senior have lived many things in a lifetime and some of those things are the stories we all want to hear and remember. Good Luck with the idea and let me know how you do. One little letter is a start of something bigger than you ever imagined. See you later. No- write to you later!


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