The New Senior August 2014: Rant anyone?

The New Senior for August 1, 2014

By T. Myers

It has been a few months since I did a random thoughts column for the New Senior and my mind is full of things to get out there- (move them off the shelf so I have room for more later-so to speak) and I hope you will take each thought and think about it- a regular thought spot, as it were!

Too bad plans are not blueprints!

Why do lesbians dress in men’s clothes if they do not like men and want to be with women when there are plenty of comfortable clothes in the women’s department?

Shakespeare  understood exactly what it was like to be a human all the way down to the human heartbeat- which is what inspired his Iambic Pentameter verse (dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum, dah-dum= 5 heartbeats per line.) It fits in for any time period- like the verse I created about the Jewish victims of the holocaust being rescued by the kindness of strangers during WWII:

            The cost of life became a threat for all

Without more gold the Jews would not survive.

The Germans gathered up each precious ounce

But, it was not enough to save them all.

The quiet Rabbi went to seek some help.

Hitler would not win against the power

Of the Pope who chose to join the struggle.

Catholics and Jews alike took a chance

That led to many Jews being rescued.                         Etc., etc., etc. Human heartbeats.


What does a senior need to be comfortable when they travel? Anything more or less?

I have really been pondering the novel 1984 by George Orwell. During the sixties, when we read it in High School it was a scary idea to be watched and monitored. None of the New Senior generation thought it anything that could ever happen in our lifetime- we were too careful, too conscious of our freedoms. It is our children and their children who have become Big Brother. They are watching everyone with their cell phones and instant tweets and texts-communications and pictures of what happens everywhere. They are Big Brother and it has come to pass- and they do not even know that they have broken the rules of privacy or common sense to satisfy their own selfish needs to communicate instantly!

Do you think about what you are doing when you eat a delicious apple from the first of the fall crops? How it tastes, how its juices cover your tongue with sweet and sour notes? How the texture is so crisp and so different from the apples you are eating a month or two later? It is one of life’s simple joys.

Instead of drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning by throwing it down as fast as you can to speed up your day, try taking a moment to sit and savor the flavor and appreciate the little thrill your body gets from it!

How important is it for you to keep in contact with your family members like first cousins and their children? My sister and I have been going to annual Cousin Events every summer and it seems like lots of effort and at the same time, it is the only real time we find out what has happened to the family members through the year. This year we first cousins from the west coast decided that we want to try to get the 89 members of my Grandfather’s immediate family together for a big reunion and it should be interesting to see how it goes. (In the past 150 or so members would meet from my grandpa’s side of the family and after everyone in his generation passed away, we dropped the notion and it has been years since any effort has been made.) Now it is up to the group of us who are children of the three remaining children of Grandpa, to take on the project- or lose it all together! What should we do? What would you do?

Enjoy the warm summer sun and do not complain about the heat- we have so few of these wonderful summer days to enjoy and we should not waste them!


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