New senior July 1

The New Senior for July 1

By T. Myers

Well, folks, it is time for the 4th of July! We are lucky because we have the Frontier Days and the Rodeo and a wonderful small town parade that celebrates the 4th with aplomb. And it should be a reminder that it is our job as New and Old Seniors to teach our own children the importance of the meaning of the 4th of July.

Just having a three day weekend or watching the fireworks is not enough. We need to understand that when the Flag goes by at the parade that we stand with our hands over our hearts and when possible, join in with the national anthem. Men who have served in the armed forces are the only ones who do not have to remove their hats in reverence to the flag. The 4th of July was the beginning of a long war to gain independence and have the freedoms we enjoy today- so treat your celebration respectfully. Do not let a flag touch the ground- even when held by a small child, they can know that it is an important part of flag waving.

Thank members of the armed services for their work to protect our country- especially on the 4th of July.

It is not about doing the right thing, either. Nowadays, with changes in the American educational system and parents who are busy working all of the time and not able to reinforce what our country stands for, our kids do not always have the opportunity to learn what they need to learn about patriotism and being American. Older folks remember and can share the reasons it is so important to consider where we have come from.

So wave a flag and enjoy a few minutes with your family and friends remembering why we have the 4th of July and keep the sharing tradition going every year until your kids start teaching their own children!

Being an American is a real gift. When you travel outside the USA, you really get it- if you didn’t understand before. In these times when media has such an immediate impact on our lives, it is just as important to do things a little slower- with a little thought about how your words and love of country will impact your own family!

Then go to the parade, eat some watermelon and fried chicken, visit the Frontier Days event, spend some time at the La Pine Rodeo and enjoy the company of those people whom you most love!

Good luck and God Bless America!

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