The New Senior November 2014: The Bucket List

The New Senior for November 15 2014

By T. Myers

I can never pass up an opportunity to remind people to vote, and I hope you all took to the polls so to speak, and exercised your right to make a difference in our country.

The cold in today’s air is making me ache- so I want also, to remind all of you it is time to get a winter buddy who will work with you to check on how things are going from whether you are warm and comfortable to eeks! I need help cleaning those gutters so I don’t have ice dams when it snows! Usually it is a close neighbor or a friend you talk with anyway, but no one should go through a La Pine winter alone, so grab the phone and talk to a few friends to form a group that will reach out and help each other.

In my own preparation for fall, I have been raking pine needles, putting on the snow tires, cleaning the gutters with the help of my friend, Trisha, baking a few items for the freezer that I can thaw and heat up, I have drained the mower, pulled the hoses off the bibs and I will be working to cover the air holes under the foundation while I work in the garage to clear away the stuff I have been jamming into the garage. With the abundant rain, I also noticed that there were some holes in the driveway so I shoveled gravel into those, too.

When I finally sat down inside over the weekend, my mind was full of all kinds of thoughts about how important friends are when you live alone. We have become a culture that no longer has our family centered in one area. As soon as they are old enough to go off to college, the kids take off and end up working in cities far away from La Pine. (I always think that if there were more jobs here for them they would move back to work here- but, oh, well!)

I set out some colorful candles and lit them during the early dark afternoons over this past weekend, and I was wondering how many more days until we fall back into regular pacific time and then I realized the fact that we are two months from New Year’s eve and the dark days of winter hit us at 5 PM- or 4:30 on a cloudy day. I lit the candles and enjoyed the warm candlelight that illuminated the room and it made me feel ‘seasonally appropriate’ while I watched the new Hallmark movie of the weekend, ate some warm bread and put a kettle of spices in water on the stove to fill the air with fall fragrance. It is amazing that when you slow down a little and let yourself enjoy some of the simple things that can boost your spirits- that it results in you feeling better- even for a short time- and it is a real gift.

So let me recommend a little rose-smelling- if you know what I mean. There is nothing better than taking your time and enjoying a long leisurely breakfast with a second cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper for an hour or two. There is nothing better than clipping a few pine branches off a low hanging branch and putting them in a vase of sugared water inside to give the room a Christmasy scent. There is nothing better than sitting by your dog and stroking his head while you watch a favorite TV show, just because it makes both of you feel closer. And there is nothing better than the time where you stop the insanity of jobs and errands and running from here to there in order to take a half hour for that bubble bath you have been promising yourself, or tying that fly you saw in the magazine, or shining the shoes for Sunday, or- or-or….

You all know what I am saying- now, using the adage from Nike: Just do it! Change it up a little and just do it so it means something!

Next New senior: The new Bucket List!



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