Newberry Event 3rd time’s the charm!

Third Time “was Charmed” at Newberry Event

By T. Myers

The three day music festival to fight against MS made its third time as an annual event at the DiamondStone guest lodge site over the weekend of the 24-26th of July. Artists from all over the country made appearances on one of the two stages and the people who bought their wristbanded tickets were thrilled to have an opportunity to see such high quality talent, memorable sets and stunning visions of the environment blending with the music to create a one of a kind venue for Central Oregon.

“It is growing each time we schedule the event,” Sean Jackson, promoter, explained to a group of folks at the bar. That sentiment was echoed throughout the three days when host and co-owner of DiamondStone, Doug Watt, introduced the main stage acts as they appeared. Barring the generator problems and the long set ups between acts, it still produced a feeling of unity around the idea of fundraising.

Doug Watt also hosts the acts to hotel accommodations at the lodges and the bed and breakfast is in full swing, too, because the performers always want to return again next time for more in terms of donating their items. Voodoo Highway lead singer came out with a new band the broken down guitars for the festival. Inn a Vision and the Steppas gave rousing renditions of real reggae for an afternoon filled with a smokey haze and cold July winds that chilled to the bone! The Steppas, from Hawaii, had a difficult time keeping their hands warm, but the music was hot hot hot!

Surprise of the weekend was longtime LA Band, Fishbone! No one was ready for what usually appears only in huge stadiums and auditoriums in concert to thousands. The show was huge! These gentlemen gave a theatrical, bigger than life performance with lots of color, quips and a variety of musical sounds from all genres. The crowd was ready for anything and they got it all!

Jelly Bread was a delightful band and the lead singer, the level of energy and the song list made everyone very happy. The Pink Floyd Tribute Band featured every sound and nuance of the originals and close your eyes and listen and you were there twenty years ago- or more- with the real guys. Pigs on the Wing has been at the event for two years and they are great. Craig Chaquico wowed us with his guitar riffs and songs from the Jefferson Starship era. His new lady singer was no Grace Slick, but passable with her lighter vocals on the old standards.

There is not enough to say about the way Doug and Gloria Watt (who delivered a well-done and touching message on Sunday afternoon before the closing acts) are able to put these groups together into one venue.

Adding the infamous and favorite group, the Terry Robb Trio to end the event was a coup and he did not disappoint with his vocals or guitar!

All of this being said, I am still wondering why- even though it continues to grow, that there are not more Lapinites or Bendites to attend this event. It is right in our back yard and literally a beautiful spot for an event. Add the music, vendors and food providers and this little gem is something no one should miss out on. Hoping for Number 4, T. Myers, signing out!


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