Newberry Habitat takes the weekend off

Newberry Habitat takes the weekend off for Labor Day: Returns 9/11 with last push to finish both new homes this fall! Volunteer to bring it home!


By T. Myers

Driving by the latest Newberry Habitat neighborhood, you will see the changes on the latest two homes. Siding is up on both, the yards are cleared of piles of lumber ends and one of them is already painted and trimmed getting ready for the final push to the finish!

It could not be more exciting for the new families who have qualified to buy their new Habitat homes. These families will be packing their household goods and preparing to move within a few months. In the meantime, as these dreams begin to take final shape, colors are being chosen, flooring is ordered, electric and plumbing is being finished and the interiors are getting their last touches before completion.

Speaking with one of the new homeowners about raised bed gardens and landscaping and you get the idea that these homes will be just as wonderful in the new yards as the houses are beautiful in their new settings. The cul-de-sac that is filled with active families who are ready to live in a family friendly neighborhood is just one of the Newberry neighborhoods!

The mission of Habitat International is to provide safe and affordable housing for qualified families and during the next few years, they are poised to make some other Homeowners realize their dream of home ownership! The Newberry Habitat affiliate is planning some changes to how they build their next projects. As the details become real plans, we will share them with you here. Until then, if you want to qualify to be a homeowner, stop by the La Pine ReStore to pick up the initial application.

Have a helping hand you can spare? Newberry Habitat needs volunteers to help finish the homes for this building cycle and prepare to build homes next year. Call Dan Varcoe at 541-771-9177.

No time to volunteer? How about a cash donation or a donation of gently used items that can be sold at the Restore to raise money through sales for future projects? You can stop at the La Pine ReStore to donate during business hours Monday through Saturday from 9:30-5 PM. Talk to the Manager, Roland Alonzo, about donating large items to arrange for help bringing them into the store. They are happy to take all building materials, paints and chemicals used in building, they have a drop site for Paint cans and now they also take E-WASTE. All proceeds from the ReStore go towards building homes in the Homeowner program.

Help Newberry Habitat build La Pine one home at a time! Volunteer today!

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