November 2012

The Seniority Report

 By T. Myers

The older I get the more important it has become to make good political decisions. We are in a General election year and it is time to vote for our President, Congressman, State, County and local offices and a variety of referendums.

I treasure this opportunity each time I get to cast a ballot. It is the one time that I can say that my vote makes a difference, because even if the candidates and measures I support are not successful, I will have the right to complain about the outcome!

This fall the voters are looking at their choices for President, the US Congressional District, State Representative and Senate positions, County Commissioner and Judge, City Mayor and City Councilors, (We have two candidates for mayor and a write in candidate for City Councilor this time) and then, when you look at the measures, there are considerations for legalizing marijuana, and one for approving a change to the Oregon State Constitution to have a taxed casino over in Gresham/Fairview area where the old Dog tracks were. There is a measure about a second property tax and one that relieves estate tax for heirs.

You can read the Voter’s pamphlet, but be aware that there may be some positions (sides of an issue or info about a candidate that is missing.) If you go online (the public librarian can help you find information on their library computers and it is free to use.) you can look up the referendum and get an opportunity to read all about it. If you note that there are also both positions listed on line: Pros and cons!

The La Pine Library also has a ballot drop off box on site. They open it up for collection on Friday the 2nd and close it on Tuesday evening the 6th at 8 PM. Ballots were mailed to us between the 19th and the 22nd. You can mail them right back, but mailed ballots need to be postmarked by the 2nd or 3rd of November in order to reach the county clerk in time to be counted.

 Please take time to consider those candidates and issues you support and vote by the 6th. Your vote may be the one that changes an outcome to a local election or adds fuel to changes that will result in a different way to govern.

Good Luck!

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