PayBack is difficult when you don’t know who you owe…

Pay-Back can be difficult! Especially when it is a surprise attack!

I have always been involved with my community and believe that being a part of the whole is important for all of us. So I join organizations, I volunteer, I communicate about the happenings around town and I invest in a few places so that I can make a bigger difference in the town where I live. I believe in many organizations and I have high hopes for what is expected and delivered by them.

I guess it is time to get smacked upside the head again, because I thought that things were going okay. Apparently, not! I am not fooling myself that all the people I have dealings with like me. Sometimes I really need to stand up and see that things have changed, and other times, get in someone’s face and make changes so that a group of other people in the same situation are hurt less (more comfortable) by what is going on. Diplomacy is important, but being straight forward is often the better way for a person who thinks the way I do, to behave. Usually, I do my best to take others into consideration before I act.

I hope to never get into the mix unless there is reason for me to get involved. If it does directly affect me, that is different. If enough is said to me about something that is not fair, or if things go undone, especially when I see others being hurt, I am going to say something. I also get pretty picky when I am talked ‘around’ and people assume that I know things because I was close when things were discussed. If I know something is important, I will ask if I am supposed to listen. I will also ask if it is confidential when I am aware that it should be. I rarely take heed of what I think are ‘thoughts out loud’ or ‘private conversations’. I do not ‘keep’ what I overhear by mistake. It is not my business.

What is my business, I guard. With a vengeance! If I have a responsibility for something, I do my best to see to it. Am I clear about what I am supposed to do? I believe that I am, but I am not sure that others know what I am supposed to do. That is another story.

I can describe case after case of what I have perceived as situations that need mediation at work, in different organizations, between people and organizations and with local leaders. Most of the time I have been able to ask questions and I get answers that are satisfying. When people and answers aren’t clear or forthcoming, it grates on my nerves.

Am I passionate? Yes. Do I have to be right? I like to be, but I don’t have to be.

So why am I addressing this issue? When you believe deeply in things, like I do, and invest yourself in them, there will be a point when they can turn on you easily when you least expect it. And now it is time to reconsider my support and time commitments so that others can handle what needs to be done in the way they choose to do it!

This is a natural process and it isn’t hard to make some changes. There are always other hills to climb and many things to be done to make it a better world to live in. Lord knows, everyone is expendable!

So, go ahead, folks- talk it over and decide what you want, but make sure you can walk your talk. The ball is in your court!

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