Seniority Report JANUARY 2011

The Seniority Report January 2011


By: T Myers


During these terribly cold months you have lots of obstacles to overcome in order to get to where you want to go- or do what you have to do. There is snow to shovel. Icy walkways and roads to negotiate and the fact that we get so cold that we don’t even want to venture out!


You say, “That’s winter in La Pine, folks.” Well I say that is a winter wonderland. As we go to press today, I am looking outside of my window at the sunshine hitting a ridge of pines and a meadow covered with a fresh blanket of snow. It has been foggy today and everything is sparkling in the 20-degree temperature. There are ice crystals floating in the air catching the sunlight as they drift across space.  It is a wonderland of sights for the snow lovers amongst us. I find these days of extraordinary beauty to be all of the reason a person needs to live in La Pine in the winter!


So after a month off, let me introduce you to my new column.  It will be written just for seniors, with the idea that I can cover things that seniors in our community are dealing with, a few recipes thrown in and a chance to address some of my more philosophical inclinations about a life that changes with a few more years tacked onto a life approaching the Age of Wisdom.


Each month I will tackle something new and hope that I will get your feedback on my ideas. In the meantime, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next month when I will discuss LOVE for seniors. Take care out there!

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