Shine on La Pine- Pull Knapweed

Spotted Knapweed 


Get your Garden Buddies Together and Start Pulling !! 



Montana and Wyoming have lost their fight with Knapweed. The weed has taken over range land and national forests. It has crowded out native plants and wildlife habitat. We need to fight this weed so that it does not take over our landscape.

First –

Do NOT Mow or Weed Whack. Knapweed produces an enzyme into the soil when mowed or weed whacked that changes the soil biology, so all of the water in the soil goes to the roots of the knapweed and kills other plants. In very large patches this has even killed trees.

DO NOT Roto Till. The seeds will sprout in the disturbed soil, and the seeds can lay dormant up to ten years.

Knapweed likes poor soil, so the best course of action is to pull the weeds, bag and dispose of them. In the early spring you can spray a weed killer as they start coming up, in the summer PULL as they continue to come up (we do NOT want them to flower). Keep going back to the area and pull – repeat-repeat-repeat.

Deschutes county can charge an owner of a vacant lot $1000.00 a day from the date of contacting the owner.

This information was shared with us by Kathy Cushman, noxious weed captain.

We have pamphlets in the nursery dealing with noxious weeds or you can pick a pamphlet up at the La Pine Chamber of Commerce. Want to help us Put the Shine on La Pine? Meet at City Hall Thursday, August 27 at 5:30 Working together we can make a difference. Want to pull on your own? You can pick up the large yellow bags at High Lakes Realty, Little d’ Tech or the Chamber office. Pile large yellow bags filled with Knapweed only on the vacant lot kiddy corner from US Bank on Morson St.


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