The New Senior August 1, 2013


The New Senior August 1, 2013

By T. Myers

Whoah, there Silver! It is time to invite readers to get back to their roots and be a part of the New Senior revolution! We are not talking silver hair and walkers here. We are talking active, committed men and women who have reached a certain age of maturity where they can be grouped together in their own demographic and ultimately require attention and recognition for who and what they are!

To properly define what a New Senior is- as opposed to an Old Senior, it is a person who is (50) old enough to get an invitation to join the AARP, but not old enough to have their own children start to care for them. The Old Seniors are the parent’s generation of the New Seniors. So it is boomers and younger, but not the men and women of the greatest generation.

New Seniors are probably still working or facing retirement soon. Old Seniors are living for the most amount of years of any group of people in history.

Both the new and old seniors are facing many similar situations: a change in physicality, economics, health, losses of some ‘traumatic’ sort, a place to live- as in long term care- or strong issues with family. Neither of the generations separates from each other when it comes to these similar issues of future in terms of stability for their lifestyles. They don’t separate from each other in terms of the caring for one another as sons and daughters, moms and dads, either!

The New Seniors, besides facing retirement, are also facing how they will take care of their parents- the Old Seniors in their lives. (As my mother told me, “I took care of you for the first 18 years of your life, now it is your turn to take care of me!”) It is a return to the old ways of having extended families- in some respects, but now it is made harder by the fact that we no longer reside in the same homes with our parents or even in the same towns. The nuclear families that became the rage of the sixties, are now regrouping around the kitchen tables of their combined families to consider their options and decide how they can plan to be in several places at once- including taking care of their aging folks while they continue their own lives. (Trends along the lines of reestablishing the extended family home are showing more strength since the 2007 economic downturn.)

The thing about growing older is this: we all go through some real serious changes when we get older. It starts earlier than you think and other things happen later than we expect. Truth be told, we all have these challenges with drooping physical parts, loss of tensile strength, loss of hearing, memory and other normal steps that the body takes as it ages. There are things to do to make it better, but most of us get involved with everything from fitness campaigns and diets to face creams and fast cars to keep from feeling as old as we are.

We are the New Seniors and we are a mighty force of nature when we work together as a group. Remember that when you join the NEW Senior team, you can shop on Tuesdays at Ross for a Sr. Discount, you can eat at the early bird Special at Shari’s or Denny’s and you can go online for a long list of benefits for seniors- whether new or old- that you can start to use now to save money!

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