The New Senior for Sept 2015- Quarterly Rant

The New Senior: Quarterly Rant- ‘If it’s on the Internet it must be true’- NOT!

By T. Myers

There is internet bullying going on in the community of La Pine!

Perception is in the mind of the beholder and there is a great deal of misperception going on in the community of La Pine. Over the past few weeks with the formation of community action committees to work to do good for the community, there are in and out of the City limits people tagging onto local blog posts like train cars on an engine going nowhere!

The most recent blogs and Facebook entries are all about water and sewer. But, then there is another local blog site that is bearing down on one particular local business owner. With both blog posts the goal seems to be to start fires under the people involved to pass the torch to others who are not even part of the problems in order to get a point of view noticed.

The Water and Sewer blog is written by a passionate local resident whose heart is obviously in the right place. The information is not all factual.

The one that is trying to stab at a local businessman- is beyond redemption in the way they are attacking. You can hate someone, you can be upset about things, but you cannot attack from behind the cover of darkness and think it will solve anything. If you do not like someone’s language, deportment, or customer service at a business and you are unable to express your opinion openly to the person involved, then report to the Better business bureau in Bend. Or the Chamber of Commerce. Members are always told when there is a concern or complaint.

Nothing about using the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and other sites to intentionally hurt a person or a cause, without the face to face confrontation that validates a point of view, is uncalled for, untruthful and plain mean. Calling your site the name of our town to add to its credibility and then misspelling, using bad grammar and not identifying the source of the commentary is not only unlawful, BUT COWARDLY AND PRETENTIOUS!

I IDENTIFY MYSELF WHEN I WRITE. I AM A KNOWN, VETTED, COMMODITY AND I STAND BEHIND WHAT I WRITE. Anyone who does not do the same should be ignored- and even vilified!

You can contact me with your thoughts through my website.

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